Motorcycle Servicing and Compliancing

At P & R Motorcycles our qualified and experienced Mechanics provide a quality personalized service. You get to speak with the Mechanics that is fixing your Motorcycle. Our aim is to get you back on the road or dirt in no time at all.

Our workshop caters for general repairs and servicing of most makes and models of Motorcycles.

All old parts are kept to show the customers. Our workshop meet very high standards and each service is carried out to the manufactures warranty specifications to ensure your warranty is protected .

Come and Talk to someone who rides and races Motorcycles.

  • Solo and Dual Seat Conversions
  • Safety Certificates
  • Log book Servicing
  • Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Tyre Fitting and Balancing
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Suspension Tuning and Mods

Motorcycle Compliancing

Pre – 89 – L01

Pre – 72 – L02